Announcement and Greetings:

Dear DMV Community

Thanks and love to my friends, family, and all of the kind and awesome people of the DMV for your encouragement and support. Stay tuned for photos from music and comedy events at major venues in the DMV area.

Follow me on instagram: @andyman1900.

I have a Nikon D5000 and I do freelance photography. Email me for rates and availability.

I put in time and effort to make sure your photos look exceptional. You will not be disappointed in the final product. I work hard at my craft and my photography. I am goal-oriented, driven, and chill.

After my photography gigs, I spend my time and energy on editing your pictures in Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. I want to make sure you are satisfied and delighted with the end result.

I use manual mode and zero flash at professional events.


This is my website. And I’m proud of it. My mom and sister encouraged me to follow my passions, and I love them for their support. Plus, they’re good at busting my chops.

At the end of the day I love building great relationships with people. Networking is something I excel at. If you know me, you can vouch for me.

All of the writing is my own. My “a virginia blog” page is a passion project of mine. I feature the best up and coming acts in the DMV area. And I will be writing about touring acts from all parts of the East Coast in the very near future. To reiterate, I spend the majority of my days and nights building and editing this website.

I am a one man show. Behind the scenes, I am there and I am working.

I am working to make sure your careers take off. 

I have dreams too, but I’m done dreaming.

This is reality. And it’s not easy, it’s tough and hectic out there. This is why I want to foster and nurture community. I am trying to help build the rising, creative culture in the DMV.

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, a musician, a comedian, an artist; maybe, you’re even a mixture of the four. Whatever. As long as you’re a hard worker who hustles and grinds, and is passionate about your craft and art, then I want to write about you.

They say Millennials possess inherent apathy, and do not work for what they want.

Let’s prove them wrong and work even harder.

Cheers DMV,