Thursday Night Is For The Bands: @ Dew Drop Inn

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At Dew Drop Inn, in NE DC, around 9:20ish pm, four bands-Tosser, la Roche, Crag Mask, and Bleary Eyed-passed through and performed some of the most innovative, raw, and nuanced songs in the DMV music scene. The atmosphere inside the venue was mellow, until the speakers rattled and the microphones turned on. The musicians strummed the shit out of their lead and bass guitars, and pounded the drums with velocity, the melodies and grooves twisting and turning in the well-lighted room. Fans, friends, and family came out to support the bands, and even randos showed up to hear some energetic, booming, and creative tunes. In between sets, people shimmied one out to the stellar wrap-around deck, where people congregated and sparked up P-Funks and Ports beside barrels and picnic tables. Taco shells crunched and hotdogs were devoured as the bands pushed and pulled their sonic qualities into the air with their instruments. But people didn't come for just the cuisine; they drove through that DC Rush Hour traffic for the opportunity to check out and experience some raging, thrilling, and captivating bands. 

Let's begin. 


DC Fuzz Band Tosser put on a fucking hell of a set, and their sound was crazy loud, chill, and energized with strong guitar chords and crisp beats. The band operated on a smooth and exhilarating chemistry. Their tunes had clout and finesse, a groove spiraling into the slick environment of Dew Drop. Tosser brought the heat and turned the fuck up with their sick-nasty melodies.

By the way, their album "Lures" is fantastic. Some favorites include "Claws" and "Wisdom." 

The feels are all there and the band conveys a garage-shoegaze-surf flow to their sound. These locals are good peoples too and down to earth, as well.

To reiterate and etch it in stone, "Claws" is an amazing song.  On the track, the singer speaks up and says, "I'm a shirt stain that never wishes to be found." The chords are catchy, but authentic in their creation. The singer calls out to the skies and says, "I won't lose my sight." Each kick drum, each snare, and each high hat has a feeling to it, so kudos to the drummer who knows his craft extremely well. And what can be said about the melody that is wrought with emotion and packed with a stoner/hard rock sound. Definitely check these guys out, they'll be around the scene for a long time.

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la Roche are DMV favs. Roche and Sarp are sweet-hearted humans who play with feeling and efficiency. They are just all-around pleasant and awesome to be around. Every song they play has a special touch. In addition to their experimental/electronic sound, la Roche handles the crowd with the grace of a conductor and the precision of a ballerina. Their music makes you want to slip on your Chucks and slide on over to the dance floor. With each passing show, la Roche is getting better at playing their music. Not only are they are great live musical act, but their album Thaum is super gorgeous in its lyricism and electronic shifts and pulses. Their band website is also millennial as fuck in the best possible way, with a superb layout and quality pictures. 

If you're interested in seeing them perform live, la Roche is playing upcoming shows at The Pinch and Velvet Lounge. Seriously, like serious, serious, don't miss out on seeing them do their thing on stage at these DC venues. Their worth your time and money, and your love and support. 

Check out their band camp asap. And listen to some of their crazy delicious tunes. 

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Crag Mask, a Connecticut based band, has developed a taste for edgy guitar-licks and tender drum playing. Their melody on their song "Benched" is fucking great. Keep your ears open for this band. Because their album Loom has some beautiful songs on it. "Messed" and "Sleep Eater" are personal favorites. And even their kickass musicians, their also some rad dudes as well who were gracious with their time before the show.  

There's a beautiful and controlled madness to their sound.

Crag Mask's lead singer has a voice of gold and the rainbows are streaming out of the sky for his vibrant and intelligent lyrics. His swagger is Super Saiyan god level. And not to mention, his aura is spellbinding.

No rough in here, just diamonds with this band. "Loom" is an incredible song and the production value on it is the sole notch to aspire to reaching. 

To learn more about them, follow this band on insta or the book of faces. 


Based out of Philly/DC, Bleary Eyed also has roots in RVA, VA. Their album Zach came out on Citrus City Records. A gorgeous indifference is presented in their sound. And they have this friendly/whatever/deep-philosophical/and pure magic music that is going to make you shout and clap with all you fucking have. 

Some of the best songs off of Zach include: "Glowing White Room", "Andy", and "Paint Chips." Pop rock with a splash of emo-chill wave is one way to describe the songs off the album. Another way to describe the album is just to say it's more than worth your free time to listen and enjoy. 

This band has that sweet grit from Philly, that Mumbo sauce from DC, and the digging the RVA culture out the vacuum that is regular music. Bleary Eyed is here to stay and you don't believe in their sound GTFO motherfucka!!! And plus, the members of the band were super cool af and amicable. 

Really quick, "Frosted Sunflower Moth" is another amazing song off of Zach. The melody is hard-work meets recreational fun at a strip mall in the middle of night at a Sevie, when it's summer and the birds are humming and the squirrels are claiming the trees, as the sun emerges from a rainy sky that is the DMV. 


Click on the links below to check out the bands' band camps: 


la Roche 

Crag Mask

Bleary Eyed

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