Reid This Letter


Dear a virginia blog,

I've got my first show of the tour tonight and I have mixed feelings. I honestly don't know how I'm going to make it through this tour. I've had it planned since last year, after I had a bad break up with my sugar momma. 

I told myself I wouldn't stop touring even if I have to carry the weight on my own. The timing couldn't be any worse though, as the last few weeks have been a completely different transition period for me.


I totaled a car earlier this month. And just yesterday, I straight up bought a car using a large amount of the money, money that I've been saving for this tour. I found out that my homie that lives in the area doesn't have a car and I was counting on him for rides to shows. 

He hit me up two days ago like: "Can you pick me up?" 

I was like: "Dawg! I'm flying! Can you pick me up!?" 

To transition, I have a heat press. And yesterday, I also made my merch for the tour. 

Hot Ep.jpg

I'm slanging black T-shirts with the cover art for my upcoming comedy Hip Hop EP titled "Hotep.” In addition to that, I’m selling art for the single—"The Miranda Slide." 

However, I had a problem with the way the ink sets on some of the designs. So now, I've got to come way down on my price for the shirts, and pretty much give them away.

I’m praying for donations.

I have faith. It’ll work out. That's the game we play. 

The universe helped see me through this car scenario. And I'm sure I’ll have support on this Texas and Seattle tour. I'll keep you updated on all the highs and lows. 

Speaking of, I'm about to land, just to get high again.

Best wishes,

Reid Clark



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