Last Wednesday, Jon Yeager produced a standup comedy show at Maddy’s Bar and Grille. The talented Rob Maher performed as the headliner. 


“Who here speaks Russian,” Jon Yeager asked the crowd. 

Some of the crowd roared in laughter, others giggled, and then a few people chuckled.

This is one of the many great comedy nights to attend in the district. 

Last Wednesday, Jon Yeager put on a show at Maddy’s Bar and Grille. He was raising funds for his good friend Dylan Meyer’s tribute fund. Please consider donating to the show and to the creativity fund that was formed in honor of Meyer. 

Every Wednesday, Yeager will be having a showcase of best and upcoming comedians in the DMV. The first show of Madness at Maddy’s started at 7:30 pm. 

The atmosphere glowed with brilliant lighting and the audience was warm and friendly. There was a TV in the back ground, behind the standup comics. There was a bookcase, black leather couches, and polished wooden tables. Baseball pictures hung from the walls. 

Besides from the impeccably decorated room, the comedians were on point. Benjy Himmelfarb performed as the feature for the show. And Rob Maher was the headliner.


 In DuPont, Maddy’s Bar and Grille is located on Connecticut Ave NW. 

The audience was loving the show, and the room that the comics performed in felt intimate and cozy. Maher held the microphone with poise and confidence, dressed in a blue Hawaiian shirt, watch on his wrist, jeans, and black sneakers. 

Maher delivers his comedy with accuracy of a baseball pitcher. He’s amazing to see live, especially when he delves into crowd-work, engaging with attentive strangers, and riffing off of social interactions during the show. He can make fun of an audience member, and then reel them back, controlling the energy of the show, with ease, a puppet master, a maestro. He’s a ringleader without the audacity and negativity.

The cool thing about Maher is that he will bust your balls, no matter who you are. Some people in the comedy world have ulterior motives, but Maher is genuine, and transparent. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s funny and quick with wit. Maher is a focused comedian who uses a variety of subject matter for his jokes—everything and anything from bathroom humor to social commentary to Seinfeld-esque observational humor. 

At Maddy’s, Maher killed it. 

Don’t worry, no one got hurt (well maybe some feelings here and there, but it was all in good fun).

What’s awesome about Maher is that he’s able to create a relationship with the audience, one that is dynamic and interesting. He’s able to call things how they are, even if things can too harsh to hear. And he has fun, while also being serious and professional. 

Comedians, in general, can be serious…right? Right! 

Beneath the elegant bay windows, the audience laughed and chuckled at jokes served up by Yeager, who has been a comedy producer in the DMV area for many years. To reiterate the obvious, a sense of humor is significant and necessary in life; it can shape the culture, change the world, for the better, which is the hope. Jon Yeager is that hope in the murkiness of what can be the district. Although, tonight—at Maddy’s—the murkiness dissolved and a calm arrived. 

All right, screw the sentimentality. 

Not only was Maher’s crowd work done with precision, his stage presence showed his veteran status in the DMV comedy scene. In regards to his jokes, his set ups were often unconventional, and his punchlines phenomenal, splashed with truth crafted from his own spirit, mixed with bits of artifice as well. 


Yeager is one of the hardest working comics/comedy producers in the DC Metro area, and Maddy’s is just one of his rooms. He also produces comedy shows at Desperado’s Bar on U St. NW DC and Comedy Creole at French Quarter Brasserie in Fairfax VA. Contact him if you’re interested in doing one of his shows. 

And Maher can be seen on Kevin Hart’s Hart of the City, which can be seen on Comedy Central. In addition, he’s the Co Host of the Rob and Joe Show. 

To conclude, if you didn’t come out to Maddy’s you’re an asshole. 

So, just come out tomorrow night and experience great comedy. 


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