It's a Vybe: A Review of Saturday Night's Music & Art show at Velvet Lounge


At Velvet Lounge, on Saturday July 14th, on 915 U St NW DC, around 8:30 pm, VybeTribe Recordings put on the first ever Vybe Night show with music & art. The music included vocals by Vlad, Kamiah Young, LeXus, and Negus Gold Phoenix. And the show also featured astonishing beat sets by j0eru, b0nds, Alphonse, Greenss, Pixl Pyrmd, Nick Tesla, and Sycho Sid. 


Everyone congregated upstairs to the second floor and packed out the venue, which was intimate, yet large. These producers ripped the wood off the stage with their smooth and soothing melodies and rough, head nodding beats. The emcees delivered rhymes that were layered in complexity, quick-witted and lyrically amazing. It’s really difficult to decide which performer/producer stood out the most, because to be frank, all of the artists did brilliantly well in their own right. That’s the most nuanced thing about art, it’s all subjective when it comes to your personal aesthetic. If you’re a lyric aficionado, or a beat fiend, you need to come out to the next Vybe Night. 

The energetic and considerate LeXus and the heavy-spitting, chill af Negus Gold Phoenix—who both hosted the show as well as performed in it—organized the entire show and put these artists on stage. There were no weak links on this show, the whole team united and conquered. 

The only really irritating things that transpired during the night was there didn’t happen to be a bartender upstairs, nor was there any access to a water cooler. Besides those two things, everything else ran smoothly like gliding down a magic carpet ride. 

The district definitely showed love to these performers and producers, the crowd was diverse and young and full of hip-hop heads who wanted to hear some dope shit. And that’s all they heard, just a lot of marvelous sounds. 

Here’s a short review on the vocalists and the producers.

j0eru  one.jpg

jOeru is nice. Like he can be a household name if he puts in the work. Just from a sound standpoint, his beats seem to have been well combed over and meticulously thought through. Some favorites include Butt$ and Pine Soap. The cool thing about j0eru is that he mixes Hip Hop with an electronic dance sound. Not EDM per se, but there’s definitely an electronic music influence. 


Greenss is the district’s spirit animal. His beats will impress the hell out of you. Cookie Jar, Flutes n Vegetables, and Red / Orange Leaf are some highlights off his album Overcooked which can be found on band camp. He has a distinct sound that meshes well with the summertime, it’s light and rich just like the strawberries and blueberries he dropped into his blender. If you weren’t at the show, you missed out on Greens making smoothies for the whole crowd. Pics or it’s not real. Don’t worry there are pictures of the blender. 

b0nds pic.jpg

bOnds pounded his machine with these massive and soulful beats. His music is inspiring and he has the clout for sure. From the first listen, you will become a fan. Japanese Cherry Blossom, Blue Dream, and Birds are highly recommended; these beats can be heard on his Spotify. 


Nick Tesla set the mood off right with his production. His beats are reminiscent of an early Mr. West cris-crossed with Dilla. Still Sippin’ Mai Tais and Hoover Deuce will have your soul aching, your mind racing, and your heart bleeding with love. 


Danalog aka Pixl Pyrmid did his thing on the stage, combining deep bass, and crashing high hats with soulful synths. He got the crowd hyped and his sounds could work at even bigger venues, his sound has that warehouse feeling to it. Pyrmid definitely has the groove, and he doesn’t seem to mind to share his feelings and sounds, which is awesome for the fans. Check out his Spotify to hear more of his awesome music; some favorites include: Late Night, Nuit, and Bhindlockddoors. 


Sycho Sid is a mentor at this mixing and mastering shit. Take a look at his soundcloud for his latest work. His music is spellbinding to say the least. His chopped-up samples are affecting and soothing. His Syncope Tranquility stream is dope as fuck, for sure.


alphonse is a diamond, but his music is coldblooded. His Nobody Else EP on soundcloud is tough fam. It begins with al. mental and ends with al. needher. The beats are hard and full of sonic quality that can’t be easily boxed in. It’s full of love and that New York sound, and you need to peep it for sure. 


Damn, what can be said about Kamiah Young? She hails from Savannah, Georgia and she’s a producer/artist/musician who overall kicks ass at making and playing music. Her first live set was at Velvet Lounge, and she performed in front of new and old fans alike. Her voice melted, dripping into the microphone like rain sliding down a windowpane. She made the trip from GA to DC and it was a journey worthwhile. Definitely check out her Soundcloud when you have the chance. You will not be disappointed by her talent and her grind. 

VLAD two.jpg

Vlad has that deep radio announcer voice that lets you know you’re in for a treat of edibles and mixed drinks. He’s amazing, not just with his lyrics, but his showmanship. He handled the crowd and knew how to get the fans engaged. He even performed in the pit, going off stage, and interacting with the people. His soundcloud has some greatness in there: Zone 3 and backspace are two bangers most definitely. 

LeXus had some fire on stage, a conflagration that could not be put out by mere mortals. She is the founder of VybeTribe Recordings and contributed so much to this show. She was generous with her energy and time, and knew how to control the mic as a host and as a vocalist. Friendly and angelic, LeXus is a professional and will be here in the scene for a long time. Find her on Spotify.


Negus Gold Phoenix gots the juice on the mic like he’s OJ mixed with vodka. He’s a great personality and a cool human. He flexed hard on stage, but with a humbleness as well, if that makes sense. Phoenix was the second organizer of the show and he put on a hell of a performance as well. 

Velvet Lounge’s energy could be felt from the top to the bottom floor, and from the edges of U Street to every alleyway and nook and cranny in NW DC. It was just one of those nights when the music and the vibe (not to be too punny) felt right, and the love permeated through the room like a nice breeze, or smoke from a piece. And to conclude this piece, DC won on Saturday night. Shout outs to all the emcees and producers who performed on stage, and to the friends, family, and fans who came out to support these artists. This show was definitely on a level of game that was going from stage to stage, and ending at that boss shit. 

Check out the emcees and the producers’ music:

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