Glenn Lawrence's Standup Comedy Show at Dew Drop Inn is a smashing hit


Friday night, in NE DC, at Dew Drop Inn, a star was born. Glenn Lawrence, a producer and comedian, shined in front of friends, family, and fans, doing about thirty minutes of time as the headliner, and unquestionably killing it. When Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” percolated through the speakers, decks controlled by the lovely Kristin Monae, the crowd went fucking nuts. Glenn walked up to the front of the room, a smile on his face. 


And Glenn embraced the love and the cheers, and strode up to the microphone and spotlight and proceeded to light up the stage. What’s great about Glenn is he’s not only a funny comic, but he’s likeable, and chill as hell. He’s genuine and it showed through his set. 

Kristin one.jpg

He had all parts of the room cracking up at his jokes, which ranged from work related humor to sex stuff to blenders. On the surface, blenders may sound unfunny, but Glenn was able to use an unconventional premise, which made the blender bit work. His outro music was The Carters “Ape Shit” and what’s also awesome about Glenn, is that when people give to him, he gives back tenfold. And him doing this show was a way of giving back. Great job man. 


Anthony Oakes did an incredible job at hosting the show, introducing the comics, and keeping the audience excited for the spectacular entertainment. He’s very professional, but easy going as well in his demeanor. Anthony seemed to be meticulous as hell at checking the clock, to make sure the comics each got their time of course, and keeping the energy going, to make this whole experience great for everyone involved. His Wakanda jokes are dope as fuck. 

The audience was hella dope by the way. The audience members were an assortment of beautiful, awesome, attentive human beings. And the show had diversity, in the crowd, in the comedy line up; this was a legitimate show.


Sai Hurrish Dharmarajan opened the show, finesse and impressed the crowd with his self-deprecating, yet confident humor and his endearing personality. He knew what to say and how to say it, a delivery that was flowing like an inner tube floating down the Potomac river on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. Definitely keep an eye out for this comic, he’s got the juice. 


Mike Brown has OG status for real. He has a professionalism and character that is to be admired. Plus, he’s pretty damn funny. His voice on stage is very distinct and fun to hear. He can definitely do acting, if he went that route. 


Zubin Mistry put in work, on stage and behind the scenes, as the second producer of the show. He has a stage presence that’s hard to ignore. He’s the type of guy you’d like to have as a wingman at the club. But he also seems like he would straight laugh at your ass, if you slipped on the dance floor. All kidding and speculation aside, Zubin had a great voice and he’s an awesome human. His confidence and swagger while he held the microphone was something to take note of. 

Christine one.jpg

Christine O’Dea never tells jokes that are subpar, and tonight her streak continued; she rocked the mic. She’s not only funny, but she’s a damn good writer. When you watch her comedy, you could tell she’s put the work in, that her practice is consistent, and that it’s paying off dividends for her stage time. Christine is a quiet assassin in the DC comedy world, but her voice isn’t quiet, if that makes sense. She’s perfectly comfortable on the stage, and will not shy away from controversial topics, to nuanced jokes on dating and loneliness. 


Eddie Liles gives no fucks about your feelings, and that’s excellent, because he goes for it, and does his thing on stage. His words are blunt like a Green game dipped in honey, but he’s also a good dude. He’s one of the masterminds behind Broken Diamond Comedy. Eddie works his ass off, and it showed last night when his jokes made the crowd erupt in laughter.   


Fernando Madrigal has charisma, but more importantly he’s a confident cat. He could be loud, he could be chill, he could be a mixture. His Young Dolph joke was a crowd favorite. Even if the gunshots played on the speakers could be considered egregious. His jokes about being Dominican are classic joints, that are always welcomed. Overall, Fernando knows how to have a good time when he’s doing stage time. And his work ethic is admirable. He’s going to be next up. 

Stay tuned for these comedians. This comedy show at the Dew Drop Inn was tight, and if you weren’t there, well, you missed out man. But there will always be a next time.

Unless you don’t get a next time…okay...awkward let’s leave this comedy thing to the professionals.


Shouts out to Glenn and the rest of the comics for crushing their sets, and giving the audience their money's worth. You are all appreciated. 

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