Zahra+Wile: A Music Review-Summertime Bliss at Epicure Cafe with hauntingly beautiful vocals and masterful production


(photo taken by Avni Kacker; insta: @avni.kacker)

Last Saturday, at Epicure Café, Zahra + Wile (Jesse) performed songs from their EP “Honestly, truly.” Their music is now streaming on all platforms. If you missed the show you’re going to be kicking yourself in the ass, because this vocalist—Zahra—and this guitarist/producer—Wile—are a breathtaking musical group that showed the crowd that they have the chops, passion, and hearts to change the trajectory of the NOVA music scene, into an even more increasingly rising community. They’re exceptional, not only in their music, but their caring and love of their fans, friends, and family members who came to support them in Fairfax, VA. 

Epicure cafe has been a staple in the DC Metro Area for music venues and the space/restaurant/lounge is a local favorite.

IAMI was the second act of the night, and they pumped up the crowd with soulful beats and meaningful lyrics. 

Chaand Soorij, an instrumentalist/guitarist lit up the stage as the first act with his experimental, hard-hitting, yet soothing tunes. 


(photo taken by Avni Kacker; insta: @avni.kacker)

Not only is Zahra a strong vocalist, but she’s also a kind and good-hearted person who writes her lyrics from her soul, and makes her poetic hooks using the strength of her mind and hard-work. At Epicure, Zahra + Wile’s performance was engaging and powerful. Her voice integrated with Wile’s vivid melodies so perfectly; it was a night that will not be forgotten, carved into the pantheon of Epicure’s live shows. Rare Fruits Records has found a diamond in the rolling hills and office parks of Northern VA, and the label shines and lights up the darkness of mundane radio stations with Zahra + Wile’s EP. 


(photo taken by Avni Kacker; insta: @avni.kacker)

The EP starts with “Honestly”, which is a track that is honest and unapologetic in its sharp and thoughtful lyrics that will replay over and over in the listener’s head during summertime 2018. The hook catches your ear like a stud or a gauge piercing into your lobe. Wile’s production is flawless and poignant as a painting at the Louvre, it will take you on another journey, one that is bright and magnificent, its sonic, vast landscape is spellbinding. 

“Another man sits in the driver’s seat/his fingers shy on my thigh,” Zahra sings, slaying the track with her tender and true lyrics, her pain can be seen, but also her awareness of the social situation presented in her song. 

Another favorite in the EP is “Kiss, Kiss.” The song starts with an electronic presence, and when Wile’s drums kick in, you can’t help but nod your head, and swing your hips, dancing to the beat, like singing to yourself in the shower as the water is hot and you’re smiling. 

Zara’s voice percolates, melts, and heightens the mood of a once somber mornings after a night of isolation and hard drinking. She’s an authentic vocalist. 

The guitar chords on “Dream Girl” sound enchanting and they are so damn strong, yet mellow. Zara’s lyrics speak about the public vs. private sphere and address spaces in IRL and the internet, in regards to how we text/write to our lovers and is a powerful ode to relationships and unrequited love, reminding people that we need to treat and love ourselves, before we can love others. 


(photo taken by Avni Kacker; insta: @avni.kacker)

Zahra + Wile are in a class of their own, learning and teaching, but a metaphor is not enough to describe these two humans, adjectives do not do their music enough justice. Take a look at these amazing pictures taken by Avni Kacker, her work can be found here on her insta @avni.kacker.

Check out their music and social here:

@zahratonin for all social media

@mean.wile for Wile (Jesse)’s insta

@rarefruitmusic and rare fruit records on fb

@avni.kacker for Avni Kacker’s insta

Click the hyper link to listen to Zahra + Wile’s EP. “Honestly, Truly”