A Music Profile/Review of: la Roche

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“Tell me it’s your fault,” says Sarp.


(photo taken from la Roche's website, and modified in lightroom and photoshop.) 

la Roche smiles and sings into the mic, as they spin and shake. 

Their fault is our success, as fans. Cherish these musicians, because electronic acts like this one do not come often to our dry suburbia. 

Because the groove is back—that beer drinking, vape smoking, nonchalant and genuine-love dancing feels. The feelings and emotions are here, are there, are at this venue tonight. 

Where at?

Last night at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA, la Roche, a black haired blue velvet robe vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, and Sarp a long flowing brown haired sweater and pink scarf producer/kickass musician performed as la Roche—a two-piece electronic band from Northern VA. la Roche used a brown Korg Synth that sits on a heart spiral table cloth. Sarp jammed out on his Macbook and produced haunting and pulse-hitting melodies. la Roche’s vocals mixed with Sarp’s production is reminiscent of Beach house mixed with Animal Collective, layered with a Radiohead vibe. 

Sarp has a Flume-esque handle over his beat-making, vivid and enthusiastic, full of rich substance, his music is going to be here for years. He also plays the guitar like a virtuoso.

But la Roche’s music cannot so easily be put in a box. Because the lid is open and the sound pour out into like a waterfall struck by thunder. The boom-electronic-shoegaze is here in NOVA. 

The groove is back. 

In their early twenties, la Roche and Sarp are authentic and charming humans with wit, crazy-pure adrenaline aesthetic, and sharp musical prowess. la Roche (they, them, they're)—NON-binary—is a person who needs to be seen on stage; brilliant and cultured, smart and funny, they’re going to rise above the banality of the NOVA burbs’. 

Not only that, but la Roche and Sarp are chill people to hang with after a show, and from our conversations, it’s apparent they both care and love their craft. Their hard-work shows and it’s paying off.

Back at Jammin Java, their third song—To My Heart’s Content (unreleased)—was intense, amazing, hot, having a spoken word poetry vibe to it. The venue was spacious and yielded an intimate crowd with an eclectic, beautiful fan base.


(photo taken from Sarp's social: modified in lightroom and photoshop)

Sarp has that long hair, don’t care attitude that reaches the fans. His producing makes sense, and yet the only way to feel it is through the ears, the body, and the soul. 

la Roche did fantastic work on the Korg synth. They will be a force to reckon with. “Kick Drum” is a song that has a mesmerizing guitar melody, and when the high hats hit, the audience went into a shoe-gaze, head-nodding experience. They produces as well, with drive, with intensity.

Vulnerability, nuance, and bright-eyed wonder are the words and feelings, which encompasses this five song set.

la Roche picks up an auburn Fender Strat guitar and Sarp lifts up a second guitar on their fourth song and dazzle and crush the crowd’s hearts with their sweet, powerful, and enchanting chords. 

“Dust” is a song that wasn’t played at Jammin Java, but it can be found here. The melody starts with these striking chords, something like a violin, or a movie soundtrack like synth. la Roche sings with purpose, driven by their art, to make something that will be etched in the tableau of Electronic Music. And can we talk about the replay value of their songs? You will never press skip. You will listen. la Roche’s voice will be heard, and appreciated. 

The groove is back. 


Check out the venue:

Jammin Java

Jammin’ Java
227 Maple Ave E
Vienna, VA 22180

Follow la Roche on social media:


Instagram: @therealsarp @charmingnarcissist



(Pictures below taken by A.T. from the show last night)

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