For Dad


You see everything,
wearing old glasses.
I know it’s hard
to understand me
pop. You have
my best interests
at heart. Love you
always. Your smile
helps relieve
my sadness. Pop,
you move mountains
with your actions.
Your words kick down
doors, open windows.
Wind blows in a forest,
you can hear it whistling.
Be cool, you tell me.
Be polite, you tell me.
Be good, you tell me.
Dad I love you with
everything I have. 
Even though, I have
nothing to show,
nothing to give, 
nothing to make you
proud of me. I’m sorry.
Apology for being
such a burden. I know
one day, we will rise
and be stronger
than what we are. 
I still remember
when I broke your glasses,
when I had a break
from reality. Now, 
we share the same vision,
the blindness has shifted.
Lend me your hand,
as I walk down a path
dirt-trodden and strewn
with twigs and mulch,
on our way to pastures
greener and richer,
where the wind blows
softly in summetime.
Love you dad. 


Andrew TranComment