They ate their meals together. He cooked the food—pizza bagels and pasta Bolognese. She put the dirty plates in the dishwasher. They smoked together. He copped them weed. She rolled the joints. They were a good pair. 

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Andrew TranComment

He didn’t know if this was the end. What constituted as the beginning? His birth? The moment, he figured out she was dead, Arthur felt as though his soul had restarted to the genesis of the timeline. A like. A status-update. An emoji. A Meme. A single text.

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6/23/2018: IAMI Collective from the 804; RVA, heats up, cleans up, and brings the Boom-Bap/True School Sound, controlling the rap rhythm and Hip-Hop sound over at Epicure Café.

Last night, in Fairfax VA, at Epicure Café, IAMI—the second act of the night—rewrote the history of Hip Hop. With strength and unity, this group, squad, family, these four artists—Habeeb, Logos/Marquis, Robalu-Gibsun, and Torian Ugworji rocked their hearts, souls, and minds out in front of an attentive and warm audience.

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